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Database Type: PostgreSQL - 9.1.16

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Table Children Parents Columns Rows Comments
tst_assign 22 0 This table saves information about an instance of mod_assign in a course.
tst_assign_grades 10 0 Grading information about a single assignment submission.
tst_assign_plugin_config 6 0 Config data for an instance of a plugin in an assignment.
tst_assign_submission 7 0 This table keeps information about student interactions with the mod/assign. This is limited to metadata about a student submission but does not include the submission itself which is stored by plugins.
tst_assign_user_mapping 3 0 Map an assignment specific id number to a user
tst_assignfeedback_comments 5 0 Text feedback for submitted assignments
tst_assignfeedback_file 4 0 Stores info about the number of files submitted by a student.
tst_assignment 19 0 Defines assignments
tst_assignment_submissions 14 0 Info about submitted assignments
tst_assignsubmission_file 4 0 Info about file submissions for assignments
tst_assignsubmission_onlinetext 5 0 Info about onlinetext submission
tst_backup_controllers 16 1 To store the backup_controllers as they are used
tst_backup_courses 6 0 To store every course backup status
tst_backup_files_template 9 0 To store files along the backup process. Note this table isn't really used but its temporary counterpart.
tst_backup_ids_template 7 0 To store all sort of ids along the backup process. Note this table isn't really used but its temporary counterpart.
tst_backup_logs 5 0 To store all the logs from backup and restore operations (by db logger)
tst_badge 20 0 Defines badge
tst_badge_backpack 7 0 Defines settings for connecting external backpack
tst_badge_criteria 4 0 Defines criteria for issuing badges
tst_badge_criteria_met 5 0 Defines criteria that were met for an issued badge
tst_badge_criteria_param 4 0 Defines parameters for badges criteria
tst_badge_external 3 0 Setting for external badges display
tst_badge_issued 8 0 Defines issued badges
tst_badge_manual_award 6 0 Track manual award criteria for badges
tst_block 6 49 contains all installed blocks
tst_block_community 6 0 Community block
tst_block_instances 9 13 This table stores block instances. The type of block this is is given by the blockname column. The places this block instance appears is controlled by the parentcontexid, showinsubcontexts, pagetypepattern and subpagepattern fields. Where the block a
tst_block_positions 8 0 Stores the position of a sticky block_instance on a another page than the one where it was added.
tst_block_quicklinks 6 3 Holds information on the defined links of a block
tst_block_rss_client 7 0 Remote news feed information. Contains the news feed id, the userid of the user who added the feed, the title of the feed itself and a description of the feed contents along with the url used to access the remote feed. Preferredtitle is a field for f
tst_block_totara_stats 6 0 Holds stats information
tst_blog_association 3 0 Associations of blog entries with courses and module instances
tst_blog_external 9 0 External blog links used for RSS copying of blog entries to Moodle user blogs
tst_book 10 0 Defines book
tst_book_chapters 11 0 Defines book_chapters
tst_cache_filters 6 0 For keeping information about cached data
tst_cache_flags 6 2 Cache of time-sensitive flags
tst_cache_text 4 68 For storing temporary copies of processed texts
tst_capabilities 6 621 this defines all capabilities
tst_certificate 29 0 Defines certificates
tst_certificate_issues 5 0 Info about issued certificates
tst_chat 10 0 Each of these is a chat room
tst_chat_messages 7 0 Stores all the actual chat messages
tst_chat_messages_current 7 0 Stores current session
tst_chat_users 12 0 Keeps track of which users are in which chat rooms
tst_choice 15 0 Available choices are stored here
tst_choice_answers 5 0 choices performed by users
tst_choice_options 5 0 available options to choice
tst_cohort 20 0 Each record represents one cohort (aka site-wide group).
tst_cohort_members 4 0 Link a user to a cohort.
tst_cohort_msg_queue 8 0 A table to store cohort member join/delete notifications, to be sent at the next cron run.
tst_cohort_plan_history 10 0 A table to store the history of plans created for cohorts.
tst_cohort_rule_collections 7 0 Collections of rulesets & rules for a dynamic cohort
tst_cohort_rule_params 7 0 The parameters of rules in cohort_rules
tst_cohort_rules 8 0 Rules within a ruleset
tst_cohort_rulesets 8 0 Rulesets for dynamic cohorts
tst_comments 8 0 moodle comments module
tst_comp 9 3 18 0 Totara competencies
tst_comp_criteria 1 1 9 0 A competency can be achieved by one or more forms of evidence
tst_comp_criteria_record 3 8 0 Tracks historical progress towards a competency for each user
tst_comp_framework 3 11 0 A collection of competencies that use a common competency scale
tst_comp_record 6 13 0 Track current proficiency of a user in each competency
tst_comp_relations 2 4 0 Tracks relationships between competencies
tst_comp_scale 2 1 6 1 Competency scale represents the different levels of achievement of a competency
tst_comp_scale_assignments 2 5 0 Tracks which scales are assigned to which competency frameworks
tst_comp_scale_values 3 1 10 3 The individual values that make up a competency scale
tst_comp_template 1 1 10 0 A template is used to group competencies
tst_comp_template_assignment 2 6 0 Track competencies belonging to a template
tst_comp_type 2 9 0 Competency types are used to manage custom fields
tst_comp_type_info_data 2 4 0 Stores custom field data related to competencies
tst_comp_type_info_field 1 1 18 0 Stores the custom fields for each competency type
tst_config 3 387 Moodle configuration variables
tst_config_log 7 565 Changes done in server configuration through admin UI
tst_config_plugins 4 662 Moodle modules and plugins configuration variables
tst_context 5 21 one of these must be set
tst_context_temp 3 0 Used by build_context_path() in upgrade and cron to keep context depths and paths in sync.
tst_course 6 34 1 Central course table
tst_course_categories 15 1 Course categories
tst_course_completion_aggr_methd 1 5 0 Course completion aggregation methods for criteria
tst_course_completion_crit_compl 3 8 0 Course completion user records
tst_course_completion_criteria 1 1 10 0 Course completion criteria
tst_course_completions 1 4 11 0 Course completion records
tst_course_format_options 6 1 Stores format-specific options for the course or course section
tst_course_info_data 4 0 Custom course fields data
tst_course_info_field 17 0 Custom course fields
tst_course_modules 22 0 course_modules table retrofitted from MySQL
tst_course_modules_avail_fields 6 0 Stores user field conditions that affect whether an activity is currently available.
tst_course_modules_availability 7 0 Table stores conditions that affect whether a module/activity is currently available to students or not.
tst_course_modules_completion 6 0 Stores the completion state (completed or not completed, etc) of each user on each activity.
tst_course_published 8 0 Information about how and when an local courses were published to hubs
tst_course_request 9 0 course requests
tst_course_sections 12 2 to define the sections for each course
tst_course_sections_avail_fields 6 0 Stores user field conditions that affect whether an activity is currently available.
tst_course_sections_availability 7 0 Completion or grade conditions that affect if a section is currently available to students.
tst_data 33 0 all database activities
tst_data_content 8 0 the content introduced in each record/fields
tst_data_fields 15 0 every field available
tst_data_records 7 0 every record introduced
tst_dp_competency_settings 2 10 1 Contains settings specific to the competency component
tst_dp_component_settings 1 5 4 Stores the names and component-independent settings for each installed component.
tst_dp_course_settings 2 5 1 Contains settings specific to the course component
tst_dp_evidence_type 6 0 Table to store evidence type menu
tst_dp_objective_scale 2 1 7 1 Contains objective scales for development plans
tst_dp_objective_scale_value 2 1 10 3 Objective Scale values for development plan priority scales
tst_dp_objective_settings 3 6 1 Settings for a template's objectives
tst_dp_permissions 1 6 52 Stores the permission settings for plan templates
tst_dp_plan 4 2 10 0 Stores individual plans belonging to users.
tst_dp_plan_competency_assign 4 8 0 Stores competencies assigned to a particular plan
tst_dp_plan_component_relation 6 0 Provides a way to link together items from different components within a plan
tst_dp_plan_course_assign 4 9 0 Stores courses assigned to a particular plan
tst_dp_plan_evidence 11 0 Contains user evidence in the record of learning
tst_dp_plan_evidence_relation 5 0 Related courses / objectives / competencies
tst_dp_plan_history 1 6 0 A table for tracking and recording modifications to a related dp_plan
tst_dp_plan_objective 3 10 0 One row for each objective in a plan
tst_dp_plan_program_assign 7 0 Stores program assigned to a particular plan
tst_dp_plan_settings 5 1 Contains settings for the plan
tst_dp_priority_scale 4 1 7 1 Contains priority scales for development plans
tst_dp_priority_scale_value 4 1 9 3 Scale values for development plan priority scales
tst_dp_program_settings 5 1 Contains settings specific to the program component
tst_dp_template 6 9 1 Templates store configuration options for a group of plans.
tst_enrol 35 0 Instances of enrolment plugins used in courses, fields marked as custom have a plugin defined meaning, core does not touch them. Create a new linked table if you need even more custom fields.
tst_enrol_authorize 13 0 Holds all known information about transactions
tst_enrol_authorize_refunds 6 0 refunds
tst_enrol_flatfile 8 0 enrol_flatfile table retrofitted from MySQL
tst_enrol_paypal 21 0 Holds all known information about PayPal transactions
tst_errorlog 6 0 Totara additional errorlog data
tst_event 18 0 For everything with a time associated to it
tst_event_subscriptions 9 0 Tracks subscriptions to remote calendars.
tst_events_handlers 8 47 This table is for storing which components requests what type of event, and the location of the responsible handlers. For example, the assignment registers 'grade_updated' event with a function assignment_grade_handler() that should be called event t
tst_events_queue 5 0 This table is for storing queued events. It stores only one copy of the eventdata here, and entries from this table are being references by the event_queue_handlers table.
tst_events_queue_handlers 6 0 This is the list of queued handlers for processing. The event object is retrieved from the events_queue table. When no further reference is made to the event_queues table, the corresponding entry in the events_queue table should be deleted. Entry sho
tst_external_functions 7 70 list of all external functions
tst_external_services 10 1 built in and custom external services
tst_external_services_functions 3 10 lists functions available in each service group
tst_external_services_users 6 0 users allowed to use services with restricted users flag
tst_external_tokens 12 0 Security tokens for accessing of external services
tst_facetoface 1 1 14 0 Each facetoface activity has an entry here
tst_facetoface_notice 3 0 Site-wide notices shown on the Training Calendar
tst_facetoface_notice_data 4 0 Custom field filters for site notices
tst_facetoface_notification 19 0 Facetoface notifications
tst_facetoface_notification_hist 8 0 Notifications history (stores ical event information)
tst_facetoface_notification_sent 4 0 Face-to-face notification reciepts
tst_facetoface_notification_tpl 5 6 Face-to-face notification templates
tst_facetoface_room 10 0 Table for storing pre-defined facetoface room data
tst_facetoface_session_data 2 4 0 Contents of custom info fields for Face-to-face session
tst_facetoface_session_field 1 8 0 Definitions of custom info fields for Face-to-face session
tst_facetoface_session_roles 3 4 0 Users with a trainer role in a facetoface session
tst_facetoface_sessions 4 1 13 0 A given facetoface activity may be given at different times and places
tst_facetoface_sessions_dates 1 5 0 The dates and times for each session. Sessions can be set over multiple days or blocks of time.
tst_facetoface_signups 1 2 5 0 User/session signups
tst_facetoface_signups_status 1 9 0 User/session signup status
tst_feedback 17 0 all feedbacks
tst_feedback_completed 6 0 filled out feedback
tst_feedback_completedtmp 7 0 filled out feedback
tst_feedback_item 13 0 feedback_items
tst_feedback_sitecourse_map 3 0 feedback sitecourse map
tst_feedback_template 4 0 templates of feedbackstructures
tst_feedback_tracking 5 0 feedback trackingdata
tst_feedback_value 6 0 values of the completeds
tst_feedback_valuetmp 6 0 values of the completedstmp
tst_files 22 0 description of files, content is stored in sha1 file pool
tst_files_reference 6 0 Store files references
tst_filter_active 5 12 Stores information about which filters are active in which contexts. Also the filter sort order. See get_active_filters in lib/filterlib.php for how this data is used.
tst_filter_config 5 0 Stores per-context configuration settings for filters which have them.
tst_folder 7 0 each record is one folder resource
tst_forum 23 0 Forums contain and structure discussion
tst_forum_discussions 12 0 Forums are composed of discussions
tst_forum_posts 14 0 All posts are stored in this table
tst_forum_queue 5 0 For keeping track of posts that will be mailed in digest form
tst_forum_read 7 0 Tracks each users read posts
tst_forum_subscriptions 3 0 Keeps track of who is subscribed to what forum
tst_forum_track_prefs 3 0 Tracks each users untracked forums
tst_glossary 28 0 all glossaries
tst_glossary_alias 3 0 entries alias
tst_glossary_categories 4 0 all categories for glossary entries
tst_glossary_entries 16 0 all glossary entries
tst_glossary_entries_categories 3 0 categories of each glossary entry
tst_glossary_formats 9 7 Setting of the display formats
tst_grade_categories 15 1 This table keeps information about categories, used for grouping items.
tst_grade_categories_history 18 2 History of grade_categories
tst_grade_grades 21 0 grade_grades This table keeps individual grades for each user and each item, exactly as imported or submitted by modules. The rawgrademax/min and rawscaleid are stored here to record the values at the time the grade was stored, because teachers migh
tst_grade_grades_history 24 0 History table
tst_grade_import_newitem 4 0 temporary table for storing new grade_item names from grade import
tst_grade_import_values 8 0 Temporary table for importing grades
tst_grade_items 29 1 This table keeps information about gradeable items (ie columns). If an activity (eg an assignment or quiz) has multiple grade_items associated with it (eg several outcomes or numerical grades), then there will be a corresponding multiple number of ro
tst_grade_items_history 32 1 History of grade_items
tst_grade_letters 4 0 Repository for grade letters, for courses and other moodle entities that use grades.
tst_grade_outcomes 10 0 This table describes the outcomes used in the system. An outcome is a statement tied to a rubric scale from low to high, such as “Not met, Borderline, Met” (stored as 0,1 or 2)
tst_grade_outcomes_courses 3 0 stores what outcomes are used in what courses.
tst_grade_outcomes_history 12 0 History table
tst_grade_settings 4 0 gradebook settings
tst_grading_areas 5 0 Identifies gradable areas where advanced grading can happen. For each area, the current active plugin can be set.
tst_grading_definitions 14 0 Contains the basic information about an advanced grading form defined in the given gradable area
tst_grading_instances 9 0 Grading form instance is an assessment record for one gradable item assessed by one rater
tst_gradingform_guide_comments 5 0 frequently used comments used in marking guide
tst_gradingform_guide_criteria 9 0 Stores the rows of the criteria grid.
tst_gradingform_guide_fillings 6 0 Stores the data of how the guide is filled by a particular rater
tst_gradingform_rubric_criteria 5 0 Stores the rows of the rubric grid.
tst_gradingform_rubric_fillings 6 0 Stores the data of how the rubric is filled by a particular rater
tst_gradingform_rubric_levels 5 0 Stores the columns of the rubric grid.
tst_groupings 9 0 A grouping is a collection of groups. WAS: groups_groupings
tst_groupings_groups 4 0 Link a grouping to a group (note, groups can be in multiple groupings ONLY in a course). WAS: groups_groupings_groups
tst_groups 11 0 Each record represents a group.
tst_groups_members 6 0 Link a user to a group.
tst_imscp 9 0 each record is one imscp resource
tst_label 6 0 Defines labels
tst_lesson 40 0 Defines lesson
tst_lesson_answers 13 0 Defines lesson_answers
tst_lesson_attempts 9 0 Defines lesson_attempts
tst_lesson_branch 7 0 branches for each lesson/user
tst_lesson_grades 6 0 Defines lesson_grades
tst_lesson_high_scores 5 0 high scores for each lesson
tst_lesson_pages 13 0 Defines lesson_pages
tst_lesson_timer 5 0 lesson timer for each lesson
tst_license 6 9 store licenses used by moodle
tst_log 10 92 Every action is logged as far as possible
tst_log_display 6 202 For a particular module/action, specifies a moodle table/field
tst_log_queries 9 0 Logged database queries.
tst_lti 26 0 This table contains Basic LTI activities instances
tst_lti_submission 9 0 Keeps track of individual submissions for LTI activities.
tst_lti_types 10 0 Basic LTI pre-configured activities
tst_lti_types_config 4 0 Basic LTI types configuration
tst_message 12 0 Stores all unread messages
tst_message_contacts 4 0 Maintains lists of relationships between users
tst_message_metadata 11 0 type, status, and workflow additions to messages
tst_message_processors 3 5 List of message output plugins
tst_message_providers 4 25 This table stores the message providers (modules and core systems)
tst_message_read 13 0 Stores all messages that have been read
tst_message_working 3 0 Lists all the messages and processors that need to be processed
tst_mnet_application 6 2 Information about applications on remote hosts
tst_mnet_host 14 2 Information about the local and remote hosts for RPC
tst_mnet_host2service 5 0 Information about the services for a given host
tst_mnet_log 13 0 Store session data from users migrating to other sites
tst_mnet_remote_rpc 6 16 This table describes functions that might be called remotely (we have less information about them than local functions)
tst_mnet_remote_service2rpc 3 16 Group functions or methods under a service
tst_mnet_rpc 11 15 Functions or methods that we may publish or subscribe to
tst_mnet_service 5 4 A service is a group of functions
tst_mnet_service2rpc 3 15 Group functions or methods under a service
tst_mnet_session 9 0 Store session data from users migrating to other sites
tst_mnet_sso_access_control 4 0 Users by host permitted (or not) to login from a remote provider
tst_mnetservice_enrol_courses 14 0 Caches the information fetched via XML-RPC about courses on remote hosts that are offered for our users
tst_mnetservice_enrol_enrolments 7 0 Caches the information about enrolments of our local users in courses on remote hosts
tst_modules 7 24 modules available in the site
tst_my_pages 5 2 Extra user pages for the My Moodle system
tst_oldpassword 3 0 Password rotation log of old passwords
tst_org 7 3 16 0 Totara organisations
tst_org_competencies 7 0 Track competencies assigned to a particular organisation
tst_org_framework 1 11 0 A collection of organisations
tst_org_relations 2 4 0 Tracks relationships between organisations
tst_org_type 2 9 0 Organisation types are used to manage custom fields
tst_org_type_info_data 2 4 0 Stores custom field data related to organisations
tst_org_type_info_field 1 1 18 0 Stores the custom fields for each organisation type
tst_page 13 0 Each record is one page and its config data
tst_portfolio_instance 4 0 base table (not including config data) for instances of portfolio plugins.
tst_portfolio_instance_config 4 0 config for portfolio plugin instances
tst_portfolio_instance_user 5 0 user data for portfolio instances.
tst_portfolio_log 11 0 log of portfolio transfers (used to later check for duplicates)
tst_portfolio_mahara_queue 3 0 maps mahara tokens to transfer ids
tst_portfolio_tempdata 5 0 stores temporary data for portfolio exports. the id of this table is used for the itemid for the temporary files area. cron can clean up stale records (and associated file data) after expirytime.
tst_pos 7 3 18 0 Totara positions
tst_pos_assignment 4 17 0 Tracks a users current position assignments
tst_pos_assignment_history 14 0 Tracks a users historical position assignments
tst_pos_competencies 7 0 Tracks competencies assigned to a particular position
tst_pos_framework 1 11 0 A collection of positions
tst_pos_relations 2 4 0 Tracks relationships between positions
tst_pos_type 2 9 0 Position types are used to manage custom fields
tst_pos_type_info_data 2 4 0 Stores custom field data related to positions
tst_pos_type_info_field 1 1 18 0 Stores the custom fields for each position type
tst_post 19 0 Generic post table to hold data blog entries etc in different modules
tst_profiling 11 0 Stores the results of all the profiling runs
tst_prog 17 0 Stores elemental details about programs
tst_prog_assignment 8 0 Stores details of the assignments defined within a program
tst_prog_completion 10 0 Stores details of user's program and course set completions
tst_prog_completion_history 11 0 Stores details of user's program and course set completions history
tst_prog_courseset 11 0 Stores details of the sets of courses and competencies contained within a program
tst_prog_courseset_course 3 0 Stores the details of the individual courses contained in a course set
tst_prog_exception 6 0 Stores details of any exceptions raised relating to a program
tst_prog_exception_data 4 0 Stores details of any data specific to the exceptions raised for a program
tst_prog_extension 6 0 Stores extension requests for programs
tst_prog_future_user_assignment 4 0 Future user assignments such as from first login
tst_prog_message 10 0 Stores details of the messages defined within a program
tst_prog_messagelog 5 0 Stores details of program-related messages that have been issued to a user
tst_prog_pos_assignment 5 0 Stores when users were last assigned a position
tst_prog_recurrence 4 0 Store the id numbers of the courses that will replace existing courses in a recurring program so that the system can know which course will be used when the current course ends
tst_prog_user_assignment 6 0 Stores details of the user assignments that have been made for a program based on the program's assignment criteria
tst_qtype_essay_options 7 0 Extra options for essay questions.
tst_question 19 0 The questions themselves
tst_question_answers 7 0 Answers, with a fractional grade (0-1) and feedback
tst_question_attempt_step_data 4 0 Each question_attempt_step has an associative array of the data that was submitted by the user in the POST request. It can also contain extra data from the question type or behaviour to avoid re-computation. The convention is that names belonging to
tst_question_attempt_steps 7 0 Stores one step in in a question attempt. As well as the data here, the step will have some data in the question_attempt_step_data table.
tst_question_attempts 13 0 Each row here corresponds to an attempt at one question, as part of a question_usage. A question_attempt will have some question_attempt_steps
tst_question_calculated 7 0 Options for questions of type calculated
tst_question_calculated_options 13 0 Options for questions of type calculated
tst_question_categories 8 2 Categories are for grouping questions
tst_question_dataset_definitions 6 0 Organises and stores properties for dataset items
tst_question_dataset_items 4 0 Individual dataset items
tst_question_datasets 3 0 Many-many relation between questions and dataset definitions
tst_question_hints 7 0 Stores the the part of the question definition that gives different feedback after each try in interactive and similar behaviours.
tst_question_match 11 0 Defines fixed matching questions
tst_question_match_sub 6 0 Defines the subquestions that make up a matching question
tst_question_multianswer 3 0 Options for multianswer questions
tst_question_multichoice 14 0 Options for multiple choice questions
tst_question_numerical 4 0 Options for numerical questions.
tst_question_numerical_options 6 0 Options for questions of type numerical This table is also used by the calculated question type
tst_question_numerical_units 4 0 Optional unit options for numerical questions. This table is also used by the calculated question type.
tst_question_randomsamatch 3 0 Info about a random short-answer matching question
tst_question_sessions 9 0 Gives ids of the newest open and newest graded states
tst_question_shortanswer 4 0 Options for short answer questions
tst_question_states 10 0 Stores user responses to an attempt, and percentage grades
tst_question_truefalse 4 0 Options for True-False questions
tst_question_usages 4 0 This table's main purpose it to assign a unique id to each attempt at a set of questions by some part of Moodle. A question usage is made up of a number of question_attempts.
tst_quiz 39 0 The settings for each quiz.
tst_quiz_attempts 15 0 Stores users attempts at quizzes.
tst_quiz_feedback 6 0 Feedback given to students based on which grade band their overall score lies.
tst_quiz_grades 5 0 Stores the overall grade for each user on the quiz, based on their various attempts and the quiz.grademethod setting.
tst_quiz_overrides 9 0 The overrides to quiz settings on a per-user and per-group basis.
tst_quiz_overview_regrades 7 0 This table records which question attempts need regrading and the grade they will be regraded to.
tst_quiz_question_instances 4 0 Stores the maximum possible grade (weight) for each question used in a quiz.
tst_quiz_question_response_stats 8 0 Quiz question responses.
tst_quiz_question_statistics 16 0 Default comment for the table, please edit me
tst_quiz_reports 4 4 Lists all the installed quiz reports and their display order and so on. No need to worry about deleting old records. Only records with an equivalent directory are displayed.
tst_quiz_statistics 16 0 table to cache results from analysis done in statistics report for quizzes.
tst_rating 10 0 moodle ratings
tst_registration_hubs 6 0 hub where the site is registered on with their associated token
tst_reminder 9 0 Totara course reminders
tst_reminder_message 8 0 Totara course reminder messages
tst_reminder_sent 5 0 Totara course reminders log of messages sent
tst_report_builder 4 14 18 Each report has an entry here
tst_report_builder_cache 10 0 Storing details of scheduled reports caching
tst_report_builder_columns 1 8 91 Defines columns belonging to each report
tst_report_builder_filters 1 6 40 Defines filters belonging to each report
tst_report_builder_group 6 0 Defines activity groups
tst_report_builder_group_assign 3 0 Assigns activities to groups
tst_report_builder_preproc_track 5 0 Stores which items have been preprocessed and when, to avoid processing unchanged items
tst_report_builder_saved 2 6 0 Stores saved searches for reports
tst_report_builder_schedule 9 0 Storing details of scheduled reports
tst_report_builder_settings 1 6 6 Contains settings for individual reports
tst_repository 4 7 This table contains one entry for every configured external repository instance.
tst_repository_instance_config 4 0 The config for intances
tst_repository_instances 10 7 This table contains one entry for every configured external repository instance.
tst_resource 13 0 Each record is one resource and its config data
tst_resource_old 16 0 backup of all old resource instances from 1.9
tst_role 1 6 12 moodle roles
tst_role_allow_assign 3 11 this defines what role can assign what role
tst_role_allow_override 3 15 this defines what role can override what role
tst_role_allow_switch 3 10 This table stores which which other roles a user is allowed to switch to if they have one role.
tst_role_assignments 1 9 0 assigning roles in different context
tst_role_capabilities 7 1,323 permission has to be signed, overriding a capability for a particular role in a particular context
tst_role_context_levels 3 15 Lists which roles can be assigned at which context levels. The assignment is allowed in the corresponding row is present in this table.
tst_role_names 4 0 role names in native strings
tst_role_sortorder 5 0 sort order of course managers in a course
tst_scale 8 0 Defines grading scales
tst_scale_history 11 0 History table
tst_scorm 36 0 each table is one SCORM module and its configuration
tst_scorm_aicc_session 12 0 Used by AICC HACP to store session information
tst_scorm_scoes 9 0 each SCO part of the SCORM module
tst_scorm_scoes_data 4 0 Contains variable data get from packages
tst_scorm_scoes_track 8 0 to track SCOes
tst_scorm_seq_mapinfo 8 0 SCORM2004 objective mapinfo description
tst_scorm_seq_objective 6 0 SCORM2004 objective description
tst_scorm_seq_rolluprule 7 0 SCORM2004 sequencing rule
tst_scorm_seq_rolluprulecond 5 0 SCORM2004 sequencing rule
tst_scorm_seq_rulecond 7 0 SCORM2004 rule condition
tst_scorm_seq_ruleconds 5 0 SCORM2004 rule conditions
tst_sessions 9 3 Database based session storage - now recommended
tst_stats_daily 7 0 to accumulate daily stats
tst_stats_monthly 7 0 To accumulate monthly stats
tst_stats_user_daily 8 0 To accumulate daily stats per course/user
tst_stats_user_monthly 8 0 To accumulate monthly stats per course/user
tst_stats_user_weekly 8 0 To accumulate weekly stats per course/user
tst_stats_weekly 7 0 To accumulate weekly stats
tst_survey 10 5 Each record is one SURVEY module with its configuration
tst_survey_analysis 4 0 text about each survey submission
tst_survey_answers 7 0 the answers to each questions filled by the users
tst_survey_questions 7 73 the questions conforming one survey
tst_tag 9 0 Tag table - this generic table will replace the old "tags" table.
tst_tag_correlation 3 0 The rationale for the 'tag_correlation' table is performance. It works as a cache for a potentially heavy load query done at the 'tag_instance' table. So, the 'tag_correlation' table stores redundant information derived from the 'tag_instance' ta
tst_tag_instance 7 0 tag_instance table holds the information of associations between tags and other items
tst_temp_enroled_template 4 0 Temporary storage for course enrolments
tst_temp_log_template 4 0 Temporary storage for daily logs
tst_timezone 16 2,506 Rules for calculating local wall clock time for users
tst_tool_customlang 11 0 Contains the working checkout of all strings and their customization
tst_tool_customlang_components 3 0 Contains the list of all installed plugins that provide their own language pack
tst_totara_sync_log 7 0 log table for totara element syncing
tst_upgrade_log 10 900 Upgrade logging
tst_url 10 0 each record is one url resource
tst_user 10 50 5 One record for each person
tst_user_enrolments 9 0 Users participating in courses (aka enrolled users) - everybody who is participating/visible in course, that means both teachers and students
tst_user_info_category 3 1 Customisable fields categories
tst_user_info_data 5 0 Data for the customisable user fields
tst_user_info_field 20 0 Customisable user profile fields
tst_user_lastaccess 4 0 To keep track of course page access times, used in online participants block, and participants list
tst_user_preferences 4 0 Allows modules to store arbitrary user preferences
tst_user_private_key 8 0 access keys used in cookieless scripts - rss, etc.
tst_webdav_locks 10 0 Resource locks for WebDAV users
tst_wiki 13 0 Stores Wiki activity configuration
tst_wiki_links 5 0 Page wiki links
tst_wiki_locks 5 0 Manages page locks
tst_wiki_pages 10 0 Stores wiki pages
tst_wiki_subwikis 4 0 Stores subwiki instances
tst_wiki_synonyms 4 0 Stores wiki pages synonyms
tst_wiki_versions 7 0 Stores wiki page history
tst_workshop 30 0 This table keeps information about the module instances and their settings
tst_workshop_aggregations 5 0 Aggregated grades for assessment are stored here. The aggregated grade for submission is stored in workshop_submissions
tst_workshop_assessments 14 0 Info about the made assessment and automatically calculated grade for it. The proposed grade can be overridden by teacher.
tst_workshop_assessments_old 17 0 Legacy workshop_assessments table to be dropped later in Moodle 2.x
tst_workshop_comments_old 9 0 Legacy workshop_comments table to be dropped later in Moodle 2.x
tst_workshop_elements_old 11 0 Legacy workshop_elements table to be dropped later in Moodle 2.x
tst_workshop_grades 7 0 How the reviewers filled-up the grading forms, given grades and comments
tst_workshop_grades_old 8 0 Legacy workshop_grades table to be dropped later in Moodle 2.x
tst_workshop_old 34 0 Legacy workshop table to be dropped later in Moodle 2.x
tst_workshop_rubrics_old 7 0 Legacy workshop_rubrics table to be dropped later in Moodle 2.x
tst_workshop_stockcomments_old 6 0 Legacy workshop_stockcomments table to be dropped later in Moodle 2.x
tst_workshop_submissions 19 0 Info about the submission and the aggregation of the grade for submission, grade for assessment and final grade. Both grade for submission and grade for assessment can be overridden by teacher. Final grade is always the sum of them. All grades are st
tst_workshop_submissions_old 13 0 Legacy workshop_submissions table to be dropped later in Moodle 2.x
tst_workshopallocation_scheduled 9 0 Stores the allocation settings for the scheduled allocator
tst_workshopeval_best_settings 3 0 Settings for the grading evaluation subplugin Comparison with the best assessment.
tst_workshopform_accumulative 7 0 The assessment dimensions definitions of Accumulative grading strategy forms
tst_workshopform_comments 5 0 The assessment dimensions definitions of Comments strategy forms
tst_workshopform_numerrors 9 0 The assessment dimensions definitions of Number of errors grading strategy forms
tst_workshopform_numerrors_map 4 0 This maps the number of errors to a percentual grade for submission
tst_workshopform_rubric 5 0 The assessment dimensions definitions of Rubric grading strategy forms
tst_workshopform_rubric_config 3 0 Configuration table for the Rubric grading strategy
tst_workshopform_rubric_levels 5 0 The definition of rubric rating scales
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